Church Resources: Ecological Justice

Wondering how to start or continue difficult conversations about climate change in your community?

Use CPJ’s engaging resources to engage your faith community in reflection and action towards ecological justice.

These sermons and small group studies can help foster healthy dialogue about the causes and consequences of climate change. The songs and prayers can help open up space for understanding and accepting personal responsibility for the injustices of a changing climate.

Learn what your national church is doing and saying on climate change

Anglican Climate Action

Catholic Climate Action

Christian Reformed Climate Action

Lutheran Climate Action

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United Church of Canada Climate Action

Interfaith Climate Action

Living Ecological Justice

Wondering what on earth we’re doing? Looking for an inspiring, relevant, and practical resource on ecological justice issues?

Living Ecological Justice: A Biblical Response to the Environmental Crisis  is a faith-based learning tool for Canadian Christians trying to live out the justice mandate to care and advocate for creation. Issues are explored through scripture with reflections, discussion questions, activities, and prayers by Canadian Christians from the Anglican, Catholic, Christian Reformed, evangelical, Lutheran, Mennonite, Presbyterian, and United church traditions.

With its public justice lens on the interconnections between ecological, social, and economic issues, this book provides new information, insights, and inspiration to those who are already active in the ministry of creation advocacy and care, as well as those who are new to the issues.

An excellent resource for individuals, small groups, and congregations. Order your copy now!

A Public Justice Frame for Creation Care

Several years ago, as the world prepared for the Copenhagen climate talks, CPJ asked the question, “Can a public justice lens frame the climate change debate?” The five norms articulated in response to this question continue to serve as the basis of our understanding of our Christian call to respond to climate change. And now, with some amendments, they inform our reflections on what is required in Canada’s climate action plan.

Looking again to scripture, the passage that may best synthesize God’s divine invitation to love the Earth, seek the common good, respect the interconnectedness of everything, live sustainability, and promote peace and justice, is Matthew 25:40: ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Please, pray and act for climate justice – and engage your faith community in the same! We hope that these materials will serve as a guide as you express gratitude for the gift of creation, pray for those impacted by climate change, and also to pray for the leaders charged with making the policies that will shape our future.

Visit CPJ’s Eco-Justice Action Page for more ways to get involved!

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