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Is Canada on the cusp of change for 4.9 million people living in poverty?

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This October, an important policy commitment has begun to take shape that could affect the lives of almost 5 million people in Canada, including 1.3 million children, who are suffering.

It has been years since significant public policy on poverty has seen any movement. Yet recently, the Government of Canada took steps to begin consultations for a Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy – a promise that was laid out in the mandate letters of ministers last year.


Let’s Do More to Help All Refugees

Alan Kurdi, a two-year-old Kurdish-Syrian boy drowned alongside his family members, in the Mediterranean, on September 2, 2015. What struck humanity’s collective consciousness was the image of lifeless Alan, face down on the shore, symbolizing what tragedy many refugees –  including children – have met on their flight from terror.


Paris climate deal can go further, proponents say

Catholic Register

Groups concerned about man-made climate change are applauding Canada’s ratification of the Paris climate accord Oct. 5.

“This is all very good news and we’re going to continue to push for more so we can see real meaningful action to address climate change and support the well-being of Canadians across the country,” said Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) senior policy analyst Karri-Munn Venn.


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