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There is no “loophole” for refugees

Tune into Question Period and you will periodically hear the words “close the loophole” thrown around in heated debates concerning refugee claimants. Yet, it remains unclear what supporters of the loophole narrative are trying to propose.


The Right to Truly “Universal” Healthcare

People in Canada have long prided themselves on the country’s healthcare system. It’s a reflection of a belief in egalitarianism and compassion for one another. Yet, despite this pride, we know there are gaps in how healthcare is provided. Specifically, the system routinely fails the most vulnerable in society, as it does not currently contain a universal coverage of prescription drugs, commonly referred to as “pharmacare”. The simple fact is that Canada needs a pharmacare plan.


Open Letter: Strengthen Canada's Poverty Reduction Bill

The Dignity for All campaign has written to Minister Jean-Yves Duclos, the Member of Parliament responsible for Canada’s poverty reduction strategy, with recommendations to strengthen Bill C-87, An Act respecting the reduction of poverty. Along with partners, we are calling on the government to align Canada with our obligations under international human rights law to ensure we meet the first Sustainable Development Goal (SDG): to end poverty by 2030.


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