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Sarah DelVillano
Former Public Justice Intern - Poverty Issues

Sarah was first introduced to CPJ during her practicum placement with Canada Without Poverty, where she worked briefly on the Dignity for All campaign. She is excited to continue her work with this campaign and with CPJ overall. Her tasks with CPJ include research, writing, and editing various policy papers and work related to public justice and poverty within Canada.

Sarah’s passion for social justice became entrenched during her studies at Carleton University. She is especially interested in systematic injustices and the effects these injustices have on marginalized groups within Canada and beyond. This includes a special interest in power relations and remedial strategies.

She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Rights and Social Justice, combined with a double-minor in Anthropology and Political Science. This unique, interdisciplinary combination has helped Sarah achieve a broader understanding of the cultural, political, and rights-based components of complex socio-economic issues.

Sarah is also passionate about the legal components of social justice and seeks to pursue a law degree at the University of Ottawa after her time with CPJ.

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