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We live in a country that provides us with immense opportunities. As citizens, we are called to participate in the public sphere and encourage our governments to adopt just policies. As Christians, we are called to live out our response to God’s call to love and justice. This response is at the heart of public justice.

CPJ defines public justice as the political dimension of loving one’s neighbour, caring for creation and achieving the common good. Public justice is particularly the responsibility of government and citizens. It involves seeking out and implementing just policies that allow everyone to live in dignity and participate in society.

To learn more about the values behind CPJ's work, have a look at our guiding documents: Public Justice for citizens, governments, and CPJ (2007) and Guidelines for Christian political service and Charter of social rights and responsibilities (1980s).

Guiding Documents | Faith Reflections

CPJ's contribution to public life

CPJ's uniqueness is characterized by its ability to play a vital role in the debate around the fundamental direction of our society. Our contribution includes not simply developing and promoting policy alternatives, but more specifically doing so in the context of the core values and principles which shape society and public policy. This unique approach enables us to speak to, and dialogue with, a broad cross-section of Canadian society. Read more about CPJ's contribution to public life

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