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  1. Farewell, Mariel!

    ... of time to blogging about issues she was passionate about or topics that she wanted to explore further, taking readers along with her on her ...

    Chandra - Oct 23 2016 - 12:37pm - 0 comments

  2. Book Review: Tax Is Not a Four-Letter Word by Alex Himelfarb and Jordan Himelfarb

    ... just that. This collection of essays covers a broad range of topics. It looks at how important our tax system is to the kind of society we ...

    CPJ - Oct 27 2016 - 8:14am

  3. Election 2008: The Environment versus the Economy?

    ... announcements from parties, and parties’ stances on the topics were the target of opponents and pundits alike. Here’s a quick ...

    CPJ - Oct 21 2016 - 4:58pm

  4. "Income, Wealth, and Inequality" report now available

    ... Poverty Trends Scorecard series. It covers a range of topics from income trends, to the impact of inequality, to the growing ...

    Sarah Shepherd - Oct 21 2016 - 11:51am - 0 comments

  5. A Deeper Look at GLI: But will they work?

    ... the key assumptions underlying so many arguments on these topics. In this series of web features, I want to take a closer look at these ...

    Chandra - Feb 24 2017 - 12:13pm - 0 comments

  6. A Fond Farewell

    ... standpoint. I’ve been able to explore a wide range of topics, from affordable housing, to carbon taxes, to refugee concerns. I like ...

    Melodi - Oct 26 2013 - 10:57pm - 1 comment

  7. Genuine recovery from the recession

    ... of business people. The roundtable covered a variety of topics, including an in-depth discussion from the front lines of the recession ...

    Rebekah - Jul 29 2015 - 1:18pm - 0 comments

  8. CPJ offers questions for leaders’ debate

    ... the leaders’ debate. Our submission included questions on topics from poverty reduction and the growing income gap to action on global ...

    CPJ - Oct 21 2016 - 4:58pm

  9. Book Review: Resisting Structural Evil: Love as Ecological-Economic Vocation by Cynthia Moe-Lobeda

    ... interviewed Senators, and brought in speakers on topics from ethical issues in healthcare to tax policies. Resisting ...

    Elizabeth - Oct 21 2016 - 7:48am - 0 comments

  10. “We hold people in poverty with our rules…”

    ... The NCW has been producing reports on a variety of poverty topics since its inception in 1969. As such, it is uniquely positioned to ...

    Jenny - Nov 10 2015 - 4:40pm - 0 comments


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