Take Action: Poverty

Wondering what you can do on issues of poverty in Canada? Here are some suggestions for political engagement, personal or small-group education, and spreading the word. This page will be updated with any current poverty-related campaigns requiring immediate action.

  • Join 11,000+ Canadians, politicians, and organizations in endorsing Dignity for All: The campaign for a poverty-free Canada, co-led by Citizens for Public Justice. (You can also encourage your MP to sign on!) It’s the coordinated Canadian movement calling for a federal poverty elimination plan.

  • Work through the reflections, prayers, and activities in CPJ’s book, Living Justice: A Gospel Response to Poverty. It’s designed for a small group study or church-wide workshop. Six supplementary Bible studies relating to the book are also available online. 

  • Find useful tips for engaging MPs and the public in our Advocacy Toolkit. Find out how to write a petition, organize a public meeting, hold a meeting with civil servants, and much more. 

  • Read our reports  (don’t worry, they’re short!) and recent web features on poverty and then contact your MP to ask what he or she is doing on these issues.

  • Participate in our annual events around October 17, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, like last year’s “Chew on This!” where anti-poverty advocates and frontline volunteers hit the streets to explain why charity without justice is an insufficient response to poverty.

  • Use and promote two interactive Web experiences: Spent, an online game that simulates the difficult choices that comes with living on a tight budget, and Do the Math, which lets you create a budget and then compare it to what people on Ontario social assistance actually live on.

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