2015 Federal Election

2015 Election Bulletin | Democracy | Poverty | Climate Justice | Refugees

2015 Election

As we do during every federal election, CPJ has prepared an Election Bulletin. It includes our public justice analysis, as well as policy recommendations and questions for candidates on our priority issues: poverty elimination, climate justice, refugee rights, and democracy.

2015 Election Bulletin

Election 2015: Regional Perspectives

What Election 2015 Means for Public Justice

2015 Election Bulletin

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An event during the election campaign can be a great way to discuss important issues with candidates and educate members of your community. You can structure the meeting in various ways, including a roundtable discussion, a town hall meeting or a debate.

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Ecumenical Election Resources

To see what other groups are suggesting Canadians consider during this election, please visit the following links. CPJ does not necessarily endorse and is not responsible for the content of external sites.

Anglican Church of Canada

Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

Canadian Council for Refugees

Canadian Council of Churches (CPJ contributed to three sections)

Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Canadian Friends’ Service Committee (Quakers)

Christian Reformed Centre for Public Dialogue

Council of Canadians

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Mennonite Central Committee

United Church of Canada