Donate your Air Miles

Please consider donating or using our CPJ Air Miles card this Christmas season. For every dollar you spend on gifts this Christmas, your Air Miles will be used to keep Social Justice Front and Center.

As part of our strategy to continue being financial stewards of our gifts and with the support of our family and individual supporters, we offer you today CPJ’s new Air Miles Reward Card.

CPJ Air Miles card

Download and print the card as an image file or a Word document

We encourage you to use this card whenever you purchase items that also accept the Air Miles Reward Card.

Air Miles will be used to offset CPJ’s travel costs when staff attends conferences, meeting with supporters, visiting churches, travel by board members and costs arising from our AGM.

Please use this card often and Thank you for your support.


Air Miles hints & tips

  • Use the CPJ Air Miles Reward Miles card to collect points when you shop on-line at hundreds of stores you shop at all the time on
  • Every time you make a purchase in a store, on-line or by phone, check to see if Air Miles Reward Miles are offered. Every single mile counts whether you are just buying milk, out for dinner or buying a new barbecue!
  • You can find out what stores and businesses offer Air Miles Reward Miles by going to or look for the Air Miles logo at the door or cash register at stores where you normally shop.
  • Check the website for coupons and specials that will earn bonus Air Miles Reward Miles for products and services you were planning to purchase anyway.

If you have already accumulated a large number of Air Miles and would like to donate them now, please contact Rene Joergensen at 1-800-667-8046 x. 226

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