Advocacy Resources

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Sussman, Amanda.  The Art of the Possible  McLelland and Stewart: Toronto, 2007

Milne, Glen.  Making Policy: A Guide to the Federal Government’s Policy Process.  Milne: Ottawa, 2007.  (Available at

CPJ Documents

Public Justice: What does it mean for citizens, governments, and CPJ?

Advocacy Pamplet

Advocacy Toolkit (pdf version)

Links from within the toolkit

Eugene Forsey’s guide to how the government works

Powers of the National and Provincial Governments

Contact information for your MP

Government Employee Directory (to find contact information for any government official).

House of Commons Petition Guide (to find out how to write a petition to the federal government).

Information on how to write a press release.

Information on specific bills going through the legislative process

Example of an Effective Advocacy Campaign

Access to Information request form

Canada Revenue Agency’s Guidelines for charities (to find out how much advocacy work is allowed by the CRA).