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Debunking Myths about Poverty: A Response to Monte Solberg

Monte Solberg’s article “Handouts too easy an option,” demonstrates the values and attitudes about poverty that are all too common in our society – and that lead to the very “band-aid” approaches to addressing poverty that Solberg claims governments have been using so ineffectively. Read more about Debunking Myths about Poverty: A Response to Monte Solberg

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Chandra is reading… The Irresistible Revolution Part 1

The Irresistible Revolution describes Claiborne’s journey from a teenager unsure how he felt about the faith he grew up with to an ordinary radical, living in intentional community and practicing love, hospitality and simplicity.

At its core, the book is a challenge to embrace faith in radical but simple way: living out God’s commands to love God and love our neighbour as ourselves in every aspect of our lives. This is putting faith into action in a very immediate way. It is not only seeing what God can do to “create beauty from the messes we make of our world,” but being willing to be used by God to that end. Or, as Claiborne puts it, finding out where God is at work and joining in. Read more about Chandra is reading… The Irresistible Revolution Part 1

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"Breaking the Cycle" in Ontario

Ontario’s Poverty Reduction Strategy, released December 4, places significant emphasis on the province’s children, stating that “the best way to combat poverty is to break the intergenerational cycle that makes poverty such an insidious problem.” The strategy also includes the intention to legislate the provincial commitment to poverty reduction in the spring of 2009 and to continue to call for federal government action on poverty. Read more about "Breaking the Cycle" in Ontario

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Refocusing our attention

I don’t know about everyone else, but it’s been hard to tear myself away from the drama in Ottawa over the past five days. With so many new developments constantly, it can really suck up attention.

So it was good to see this timely reminder from Roy Romanow in the Toronto Star today. Romanow points out that the big economic crisis is pushing many other pressing concerns from our public attention, including poverty. Read more about Refocusing our attention

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Immigration criteria falls short

While we’re finishing up our response to the Fiscal and Economic Statement yesterday, and wondering who our government will be next week, an announcement was made with little fanfare of the new immigration criteria.

New legislation was adopted this spring that allows the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to prioritize certain immigrants for entry into Canada. The move was a departure from the previous system, where selection criteria were set by regulation and every visa application had to be reviewed by immigration officers. Read more about Immigration criteria falls short


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