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Public Sector Equitable Compensation Act threatens pay equity rights of women

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about the proposed changes to federal pay equity legislation in the federal budget. These changes have now been introduced to Parliament in the proposed Public Sector Equitable Compensation Act. If approved, the Act will narrow the legal options for women seeking recourse for pay equity violations. Read more about Public Sector Equitable Compensation Act threatens pay equity rights of women

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Continuing conversations with Canadians

There were two more news articles this week seeking to engage Canadians in conversations about our politics, our democracy and our vision for our country.

Mira Sucharov (a former professor of mine from Carleton University) had an article in the Ottawa Citizen challenging Canadians to start talking politics. “With Canadian voter turnout in the 2008 elections being the lowest on record at 59 per cent, I can't help but wonder if Canadian political culture might not benefit from a dose of frank political conversation among regular citizens -- daily and often.” Read more about Continuing conversations with Canadians

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"The rest of us don't like being in poverty either"

Ontario Minister of Children and Youth Services,Deb Matthews, was in Ottawa this week for a community conversation on the Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy. Set against the failure of the federal government to address the needs of the poor, this strategy is an exciting initiative. The challenging reality of people's lives, however, demonstrate that we still have a long, long way to go. Read more about "The rest of us don't like being in poverty either"

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Budget 2009: No Poverty Reduction Strategy

You’ve heard us say it before, and I’ll say it again: there are over 3.4 million Canadians living in poverty – this according to the Statistics Canada after-tax Low Income Cut-Off (LICO).

Sadly, the Conservative government failed to deliver for Canada’s poor.

The budget contained no poverty reduction strategy. In fact, it contained no mention of poverty, let alone a commitment to ensure that it is addressed. And, the measures aimed at “low-income” Canadians provide far too little for those that need it most. Read more about Budget 2009: No Poverty Reduction Strategy

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Budget 2009: Tory blue

The federal budget, announced on Tuesday, was significantly lacking on the ‘green’ front. It was clearly still Tory blue.

CPJ, along with environmental groups, hoped that the government would take this prime opportunity to implement a green budget, with increased funding for alternative energy, green infrastructure alternatives and measures to encourage technological innovation. This would have moved Canada towards a modern, sustainable economy. Read more about Budget 2009: Tory blue

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Budget 2009: Tax cuts not good policy

Although economists were nearly unanimous in their advice before the budget that tax cuts are not a good form of stimulus, Budget 2009 includes $2 billion a year in tax cuts as part of its economic stimulus package. The government – as part of its coordinated campaign of leaks – had been hinting before the budget at tax cuts for the middle class, the “backbone of the economy.”

So when I saw the budget commitment to a tax cut for essentially anyone making less than $81,452, I began to wonder what “middle class” is in Canada. Read more about Budget 2009: Tax cuts not good policy


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