CPJ Press Conference on Parliament Hill!

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Yesterday CPJ launched a new research paper, Bearing the Brunt: How the 2008-2009 Recession Created Poverty for Canadian Families, on Parliament Hill. This paper looks rising economic insecurity and indicators of poverty including Employment Insurance, social assistance, costs of living and food bank usage caused by the latest recession.

This report is a warning to the government that if definitive action is not taken to eliminate poverty in Canada, those hit hardest by the recession, including the most vulnerable Canadians, might be feeling the impacts for years to come.

The press conference was attended by CPJ’s Board Chair Kathy Vandergrift, Executive Director Joe Gunn, Policy Analyst and report author Chandra Pasma, Policy intern and research assistant Rebekah Sears, and Members of Parliament Mike Savage (Liberal) and Tony Martin (NDP). Invitations were also sent to the other major parties.

Check out the pictures, and click here to view and download the full report or a summary document!

Rebekah Sears is CPJ’s former policy intern.

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