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2010 was an amazing year for CPJ.

The astounding faithfulness and commitment that CPJ supporters give to our programs, like the Internship Program, ensures that university graduates can gain practical, and hands on public and social justice experiences. The interest and demand for placement within this program has become very competitive and we’re pleased to be able to select our intern from a good pool of qualified candidates. Still…we need your help!

Over 80% of our supporters have stated that poverty reduction is the most important and most pressing public justice issue on which they would like to see progress. With your support, CPJ has been at the forefront of this effort. The Dignity for All: The Campaign for a Poverty-Free Canada, which CPJ initiated with its partners in 2009 has garnered national attention both in main stream media and various denominational publications. With over 8200 Dignity for All supporters, this campaign is on the cusp of becoming a truly mainstream national movement. Still…we need your help!

This May, CPJ will complete the production of a major publication, a worship booklet called: “Living Justice: A gospel response to poverty” that will be distributed to churches across Canada and made available to CPJ members, supporters, and partners. This Christian social justice resource tool will be a guide for many Canadians, bringing our faith perspective of public justice into our daily lives. Still…we need your help!

CPJ’s Public Justice Challenge has begun. We need you to become a Public Justice Ambassador. As a Public Justice Ambassador, we would like you to invite your family members, friends, relatives and co-workers to become advocates of public justice. If you are a CPJ member already, invite and adopt someone into the CPJ family. If you receive Ola! regularly, forward your copy on to someone else and urge them to get involved.

After nearly 50 years of advocating for Public Justice it is time to grow. We would like promote the Public Justice Challenge to our supporters, Ola! readers and Catalyst subscribers in 2011. The Public Justice Challenge will:

  • Double the number of CPJ supporters;
  • Double the number of Internship applicants;
  • Double the number of Dignity for All supporters.

So for everyone you know that says, “I don’t see poverty at all in Canada” challenge them to learn more about CPJ’s programs.

If you know anyone who believes that “blessed be the greedy” truly applies, encourage them and those that are successful, financially independent, are community leaders, or those that “have come to this country with nothing and pulled up their boot straps” and achieved success, to share their abundance, knowledge, skills and experiences with Canadians that may not have had the same life paths presented to them. Encourage them to engage on the realities of poverty and the poverty trap in Canada. Share with them CPJ’s story.

For anyone that you know that would like to support an organization that delivers results that effects the social and political fabric of this country, share with them CPJ’s story.

Ask your local MP if they have heard about CPJ in Ottawa. One of our new Board members recently did this: to their surprise the MP knew CPJ very well and had recently been at a meeting that CPJ staff attended. Ensure that your MP is aware of CPJ’s programs and that they have endorsed Dignity for All.

Start a social justice workshop, peer group, cell group or community action committee and CPJ will provide you with resources, tools and guides that will help you discuss key public justice issues facing our country.

Whether you are interested in issues such as poverty reduction, fair treatment of refugees, environmental stewardship, social taxation strategies, or education, become involved, get active and become Public Justice Ambassadors.

To learn more about CPJ and how to become involved contact: Darryl Exelby, 1-800-667-8046, ext. 226.

Darryl is CPJ's former Membership Development Officer.

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