Christian Corporate Social Responsibility

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Have you ever thought about the social impact that your business or your place of work could have on the community where you live, your employees, or the hundreds of people that interact with your business every day?

As people blessed with the position and opportunity to create positive social benefits, corporate social responsibility mandates that we do so for those in need in our communities. Maybe for the Christian entrepreneur that means, amongst other things, creating an environment where others can express their love of God and their care for others. Or it could mean that as a Christian entrepreneur called to be actively involved in such socially responsible initiatives you support organizations that work for poverty reduction, and environmental stewardship. Support for such initiative as Dignity for All are important elements of every business plan and annual strategy just as much as making a profit is vital to a business’s future.

I encourage every Christian business leader, owner or entrepreneur, to examine your business plan for 2011 and consider supporting local or national initiatives that have social benefit. Perhaps this means supporting your employees as they choose to donate to various causes, allocating a portion of your annual profits to creating positive changes in your community or beginning a new partnership with an organization that aligns itself with your organizational goals.

The impulse behind Christian Corporate Social Responsibility is as old as Jesus' command to love God and love our neighbour as ourselves, and to be good stewards of God's creation.

Your business’s contribution and partnership with Citizens for Public Justice in 2010 and 2011 will enable your voice and the voice of all concerned Christians to be heard in Ottawa as we continue to push to reduce poverty in Canada, strive for environmental stewardship and Dignity for All.

Lend your voice and support today.

Become a “Social Enterprise”.

Darryl is CPJ's former Membership Development Officer.

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