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ClimateFast: Asking for real leadership on Climate Change!

A group called ClimateFast is demonstrating their commitment - and the government’s political will – by holding a 12 day fast and vigil on Parliament Hill from September 21 until October 2. The purpose of the fast is to raise awareness of the negative impact climate change is having on the environment.

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How to Bridge the Secular Divide*

CPJ was well represented at a recent interfaith gathering that brought upwards of 150 people from across Canada to Montreal.

Bridging the Secular Divide: Religion and Canadian Public Discourse explored the place of faith in the public square. It featured a keynote conversation between the Hon. Bill Blaikie (former MP, and United Church minister) and Dr. Daniel Weinstock (professor of law and ethics). There were also panels and workshops that addressed religious freedom, secularism, pluralism; and political perspectives on faith and public life; as well as poverty, the environment, truth and reconciliation, and youth engagement.

The event offered several concrete suggestions about how organizations like CPJ can effectively engage in public dialogue. Read more about How to Bridge the Secular Divide*

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Support CPJ’s climate change work!

The 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) taking place in Durban, South Africa, has begun! There, leaders will discuss progress in dealing with climate change, and negotiate a new international agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol, which expires this year. Canada’s Minister of the Environment travels to Durban next week.

CPJ created a petition based upon the Canadian Interfaith Call for Leadership and Action on Climate Change. It highlights CPJ’s value for the Earth and the importance of creation care. We hope to have many signed petitions tabled in the House of Commons during COP17 (November 28 – December 9, 2011). Take a look at comments from CPJ supporters who have already taken up the petition in their communities. Read more about Support CPJ’s climate change work!

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A Parting Shot

It’s that time of year again. With September approaching, I must carry on CPJ tradition and post ‘the intern’s final web feature.’ As my time here at CPJ draws to a close, I can’t help but reflect on the past year: the opportunities, the highlights, and the people. Read more about A Parting Shot

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You don't always get what you want… But then sometimes, you do.

Early in 2008, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills Development, Social Development and Status of People with Disabilities (HUMA) initiated a study on the federal role in reducing poverty. Since then, there has been a federal election and Parliament has been prorogued twice. There were times when we wondered if the results of this study would ever see the light of day. Then, last week Federal Poverty Reduction Plan: Working in Partnership Towards Reducing Poverty in Canada was released. The publication of the HUMA report seemed a victory in and of itself, but the content has us really excited. Read more about You don't always get what you want… But then sometimes, you do.

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Less than fair? Canada's commitment to climate change

Global warmingCanadians wondering about the federal government’s latest policy moves on climate change can’t really be faulted for missing the news. Environment Minister Jim Prentice released details of Canada’s commitment to provide climate change financing in support of the Copenhagen Accord in a Friday evening speech last October 1st. However, the government's promises create more questions than answers and raise concerns that the money promised will be less than it seems. Read more about Less than fair? Canada's commitment to climate change

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Government Response Void of Substance

 A Call to Action on Poverty, Housing and HomelessnessIt was with great anticipation and cautious hopefulness that we awaited the Government of Canada response to In from the Margins: A Call to Action on Poverty, Housing and Homelessness. Action on the 74 recommendations it contains could have had a profound impact on the lives of Canadians living in poverty. The Senate has challenged our government to assume its responsibility to care for its citizens, to respect international human rights commitments, and to invest our collective resources conscientiously. Sadly, the government’s response illustrates a disappointing unwillingness to constructively assume this responsibility. Read more about Government Response Void of Substance

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Outrunning Poverty: A Good Way to Spend a Saturday

Last Saturday the CPJ team laced up their running shoes for OutRun Poverty. Joe Gunn, Karri Munn-Venn and Rebekah Sears all ran 5 kilometers to raise awareness about the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Summit in New York this week. With creative costumes and an enthusiastic presence Dignity for All made a strong statement and generated a lot of interest. Read more about Outrunning Poverty: A Good Way to Spend a Saturday


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