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Faith Groups Cross Borders in Support of Refugees

A strong display of global support for refugees was present at the International Refugee Rights Conference, held at York University from June 7 to 9, 2018. More than 800 participants from all parts of the world gathered for the three-day event, hosted by the Canadian Council for Refugees. Citizens for Public Justice sponsored a workshop exploring the topic of how various faith communities can work jointly to advocate for refugees.


CPJ Launches Journeys to Justice in Toronto

By Dennis Gruending

At CPJ’s AGM in Toronto on May 31, contributors to Joe Gunn's new book spoke about the successes, and limits, of Christian political engagement. Gunn interviewed ten Canadian Christians who he considers “role models in the pursuit of public justice.” 


Gender and Refugee Integration in Canada

EUUNICEF, and scholarly reports show that women refugees often have a more difficult time securing employment, lack adequate access to important health services, and face a double discrimination effect of being minorities and women. Similar data is found among refugees in Canada, with reports showing consistently lower employment rates for refugee women. 


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