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A Warm Welcome for Refugees this Christmas

We cannot claim to celebrate Christ this Christmas without caring for refugees.

This Christmas, Christians across the globe will, once again, celebrate the life of a special gift—Jesus Christ—whose work and ministry revolutionized the quality and purpose of human life.


This Christmas, contemplate the challenges refugees face

Prairie Messenger

I’ll always remember the first time I spent the Christmas “holidays” in a refugee camp.

It was the early days of 1982, on the Honduran border. Close enough to spit into El Salvador, we could sometimes hear bombardments. Families had next to nothing: they had fled the army’s “scorched earth” campaigns by swimming across the bordering Rio Lempa.


Canada's Climate Plan Is Only A Starting Point For Serious Climate Action

The Huffington Post

The first ministers have delivered Canada's climate plan.

This is no doubt, a historic development. For the first time, Canada's climate target is backed by an actual plan. And this plan is supported by (almost) all of the provincial and territorial premiers.

Unfortunately, however, that's about where the good news ends.

The new climate framework is only a starting point for serious climate action.


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